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Albins ST6 Sequential Gearbox/Transaxle

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Albins ST6 Sequential Gearbox/Transaxle

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Originally developed for the Next Generation of Australian V8 supercars in 2012, the Albins ST6 6-speed sequential transmission is now available in several variations:
ST6: front engined, RWD transaxle
ST6-M: mid engined, RWD transaxle
ST6-I: front engined, RWD gearbox
ST6-IR32: specially developed for the Nissan R32GTR, R33GTR, R32GTS4 and R33GTS4.
Featuring an 1100Nm rated gearset that is formed using gear profile grinding, shot peening and isotropic polishing, the ST6 transmissions features the proven Albins sequential shifting system that delivers shift events as fast as 14ms with zero mechanical miss-shifts being logged in endurance testing to 5000km.
Key features of the ST6 range also includes drop-gear fitment as an option, which substantially reduces spares and inventory costs in regards to ratio changes. An internal oil pump and filter are also standard on ST6 transmissions as well as inspection ports for inspection without disassembly.
Bell housings available to suit popular engine applications off-the-shelf, such as the LS7. The ST6 range can be tailored to your application and engine with great ease due to innovative design use and various adapters Albins have in-stock.
Custom input shafts and bell housings available.
Albins Klingelnberg Palloid ring and pinion set.
Cast LM25 aluminum housings heat treated to T6 condition and stainless shot blasted.
Compact, lightweight design.
Innovative design allows very low engine mounting.
Drop gear option for fast, economical gear changes.
Internal oil pump and lubrication/cooling system.
Inspection ports allow visual check of gear and dog wear.
Rod or cable shift activation.
Gears profile ground after heat treat.
All gears shotpeened and REM finished.
Heavy duty constant mesh reverse gear.
Exceptionally short shift event times.
Straight cut drive gears for low friction and use of roller bearing internals.
Wide selection of drop gears available.
Plate type LSD or spool options available.
Tripod style output flanges standard.
Can be used with all paddleshift systems such as Geartronics

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Albins ST6 Sequential Gearbox/Transaxle

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