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EFI Euro4 y ETB

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Centralita EFI Technology EURO4 reprogramable junto con ETB para poder instalar en coches con doble cuerpo de mariposa. ( Estaba colocada en Nissan 350z motor VQ35HR)

En perfecto estado.

Contacto 654736598


Euro-4 is one of the smallest and yet one of the most powerful ECU s for use on engines with up to 8 cylinders. Based on a modern production car ECU, Euro-4 is built to conform to the latest high automotive technology standards. The ECU is designed to form the centre of an integrated electronic system in a modern racing car and offers an extraordinary high level of features at an attractive price.

Euro-4 can control normally aspirated, turbo charged and super charged engines. Additionally, the ECU can control a drive-by-wire operated throttle body, including safety features recognised from production cars.

It has built-in ignition coils and can control engines with up to 8 cylinders in full sequential fuel injection or using staged injection in 4-cylinder mode.
It accepts up to 4 cranckshaft and camshaft sensors, being either inductive or Hall effect. The ECU can control many be spoke variable camshaft timing systems found on modern engines.

Euro-4 has a total of 22 analogue and 13 digital sensor inputs. The advanced software allows the user to configure the ECU to accept inputs from many different sensors.


System overview

Power-PC microprocessor
Up to 4 cylinders in full sequential mode
6, 8 cylinders in full sequential injection and wasted spark mode
Ignition coil drivers for both inductive and logic operated coils, including plug-top coils
Automatic fuel mapping
On-board data logging with 8 MBytes memory
Closed loop lambda control
Closed loop boost control
Variable camshaft timing with PID control strategy
Idle speed control
2 selectable engine maps
Drive-by-wire throttle PID control


Very small and flat die cast aluminium enclosure
2 automotive main connectors with high pin density; 96 pins in total
Dimensions 165 x 95 x 21 mm
Weight 365 grams


2 x CAN 2.0b communication interfaces
CAN data export to dash and logger
16 CAN data identifiers available for data export
2 CAN identifiers available data import


4 inductive or Hall effect engine speed and syncronisation sensor inputs
4 Hall effect wheel speed sensors
3 spare Hall effect / digital switch inputs
2 knock sensor inputs
8 spare analogue sensor inputs via CAN
1 direct NTK UEGO lambda sensor input
20 analogue 0..5 Volts external sensor inputs (can also be used as switch inputs)
1 built-in barometric air pressure sensor


8 on-off fuel injector drivers
4 inductive ignition coil drivers
4 inductive logic ignition coil drivers
8 multipurpose switches and PWM s
1 lambda sensor heater
1 H-bridge drive-by-wire throttle controller
1 four-phase stepper motor drive
4 indipendent 5.0 V sensor power supply

Special Features

Up to 4 wide band sensors can be used for closed loop fuel control
Special engine type configurations including several motorcycle engines
Control strategy for paddle shift and air compressor
Control strategy for sequential gear change
Tractional control with target slip map
Pit lane, launch and adjustable manual limiter
Programmable firing order
Comprehensive CAN features
Special version available with fully encrypted software
Special version homologated for use in S2000 rally cars
Special version homologated for use in world touring cars

Condition for use

Temparature range -40...+125 Celsius degrees
Power Supply 7...16 Volts


Windows O.S. 2000 / XP / Server2003 / Server2008 / 7
ECT Calibration tool

1.200,00 €



EFI Euro4 y ETB

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