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Gearbox electronic actuator XAP Eshift2

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Publicado el Jue Oct 18, 2018 5:11 pm

AS NEW, only 3 races.

XAP EShift LV Model with SP & RO Options (Non Contact Position Sensor & Bearing Mount)

Non Contact Position Sensor

Bearing Mount

XAP is the world leader in electromagnetic actuators for sequential gearboxes. Their technology is the only one proven to rival pneumatic and hydraulic solutions. Electromagnetic actuators are reliable, consistent and do not need maintenance.

XAP’s EShift2 is a monobloc solution unlike hydraulic and pneumatic solutions which need numerous elements; a compressor (air pump), an accumulator (air tank), pneumatic solenoids, filters and hoses which can lead to a something that’s comprehensive to install.

The EShift2 is available in two different body types, both with the option of a non-contact position sensor.

XAP EShift 2 LV Model with SP & RO Option (Non Contact Position Sensor & Bearing Mount) – This model has both possible options fitted. It’s bearing mount allows for the unit to be gearbox or chassis mounted.

Non Contact Position Sensor (Please Note: The contact position sensor is only for data-logging and not to be used for closed-loop control. This option is denoted with the letters SP in the model name)

Bearing Mount (This option is denoted with the letters RO in the model name)

Overall Dimensions: 314.5 L x 134.75 H x 53 W (mm) Bearing distance: 265.41 (mm)

• Permanent magnets technology
• Typical 35-40ms shifting time
• Two power modes
• +/- 18 mm stroke
• 900 N max force
• Diagnostic information sent over CAN
• Isolated Power and CAN
• Command by CAN or low-side (specify when ordering)
• Optional contactless position sensor
• Ball joint or rigid mounting (‘box/chassis or flat mount)
• Weight: 4 to 5 Kg depending on model
• Temperature range: –10°C to +100°C
• IP68 Protection (1.5M submerged for 30mins, protected from dust, dirt & sand)

• 12V and GCU ground, commands, CAN line on 8STA 6 10-35 PN connector
• 12V power supply, 100 A max, on 5 mm diameter terminal
• Power ground on body or 5mm diameter terminal communications
• CAN 1 Mbit (Rev 2.0B) : 1
• Low-side commands : UP, DOWN, LOW_POWER & HIGH_POWER Standard references

• LV: Electromagnetic actuator
• RO (Option): Ball joint mounting
• SP (Option): Contactless position sensor

Shipping By DHL

Gearbox electronic actuator XAP Eshift2 Gearbox electronic actuator XAP Eshift2 Gearbox electronic actuator XAP Eshift2

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