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Formula Gloria spare engine huge spare package

ver perfil de rodorico83 rodorico83

Registrado: 13 Jun 2019

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Publicado el Jue Jun 13, 2019 12:10 pm

For sell this lovely 1996 formula gloria, heavely upgraded.

Engine Yamaha YFZ 1000 (1000cc) 145hp 11,500 rpm, buffle sump, 600 km since last rebuilt

5 speed sequential gearbox

370kg !!!

adjustable susp and sway bars

Remus exhaust

Race technology Dash and data logger (DL1 Sport + 3 axys acce and GPS) with 1GB memory card

Custom paddle shift (included also original linkage and knob for manual shifting)

Lipo battery 300gr

Front carbon fiber wing.

This car is at FR 2.0 radical RS3 , porche GT2 level, quite affordable to maintain, relialable, and easy to mantein. Perfect to start with a single seater, downforce, ground effect car...

Current avon tyres soft compound at 75% life


Oil P, Oil T, Oil Level, Water T, Throttle pot, 4 Susp travel pots, Steering angle pot, apart of data logger sensors


Tarox Front discs 10.63 (270 mm) diameter by .45 (11.5 mm) thick,
Tarox Single rear ventilated disc 9.45 (240 mm) diameter by .85 (21.5 mm) thick, 4 pistons calipers.


Front wing
nose cone
rear diffuser

Engine spares:

Complete spare engine oversize piston and cilinders.
complete extra cilinder head (needs rebuild and intake cam rebore. )
extra cilinder block with pistons (1 is missing.)
extra mikuni carburator
extra complete engine fasterner kit.
extra coils kit and plug caps
hot cams valve shim kit.
two extra alternators (one needs to be check.)


extra compete whishbones set (8 whishbones)
2 extra rear push rods
2 extra front pull rods
2 extra rear tie rods
2 extra side pods floors.
2 extra rear wing support brackets
3 extra original front wing end plates.
3 extra rear upright allloy plates
2 extra susp springs kits of different ratios.
3 extra wheel center studs
4 scales for car cross weight setup
extra shifing control PCB board with design and component list ...


2 complete extra gear kits with shafts ( all in good condition except a couple of gears (see pics) )
Bunch of final ratios some of them unused.
2 extra chains (one new)

Im quite sure i forget some stuff better come and see !!

Extra set of rim/tyres with avon rain tyres (soft compound) at 75% life, plus 2 extra rims one is bend.

Car comes with car manual, original car history document, engine service manual, engine part listing , solidworks complete exterior design if wanted

Car is locate in Brussels, belgium

more pics here


Send email for more pics ( or contact by phone/whatsapp +34607765905

12.500,00 €



 Formula Gloria   spare engine   huge spare package

ver perfil de rodorico83 rodorico83

Registrado: 13 Jun 2019

Mensajes: 2

Publicado el Mie Jul 03, 2019 12:56 pm


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